Speaking & Feeling Confident

Covid 19
Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, I am offering phone & internet based tele-heath counseling services, for individual, family and marriage counseling. All of which should be covered by insurance and are easy to use! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding services, insurance, tele-health etc.

We specialize in speech & language therapy for children and adults of all ages as well as: marriage therapy, couples counseling, family therapy and individual therapy services. We are able to offer the services of both a licensed speech & language pathologist and a licensed mental health counselor.

Counseling Services
Jeremiah (Jay) Corbo LMHC, MSEd, has a license in mental health counseling and is a certified school counselor. His practice focuses on treating individuals, couples and families who are tackling issues such as: marital & family conflict; stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD etc. Additionally, Jay regularly supports parents and families in creating healthy boundaries, as well as developing effective parenting styles. Moreover, he has extensive experience working with pre-teens and adolescences.

In his practice, Jay often utilizes therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, DBT and Family Systems Therapy. Whenever possible he likes to involve the entire family in the counseling process.

Speech Services
Karen Corbo SLP-CCC, MS TESOL, specializes in speech therapy for language disabilities and delays, phonological and phonetic speech disorders, and social/pragmatic skills for children on the Autism Spectrum.  In addition, Karen has experience and training teaching reading strategies for individuals with reading difficulties, as well as fluency disorders (stuttering and cluttering).  Karen also has extensive experience providing accent modification and language skills for those who speak English as a second language.

Staten Island Speech and Counseling offers a free phone consultation in order for you to get to know us and explore your options.