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Jeremiah M. Corbo, LMHC, MSEd

In addition to holding a license in mental health I am also a certified school counselor and have been working with students and families for over twelve years. When I’m not seeing clients in my private practice, I work as a high school counselor where I counsel students with various disabilities. Moreover, I work closely with students, parents and families to address academic, social emotional and inter-family concerns.

In my practice, I strive to offer my patients a warm, supportive, positive, environment where one feels comfortable sharing freely. My practice focuses on individuals and couples who face a variety of issues outlined under services. In addition to counseling individuals & couples, I have extensive experience working with adolescents, preteens and families.

I understand that choosing the right counselor can sometimes be difficult. Moreover, I believe the counseling relationship should be a good fit. In order for us to get to know one another and to help break the ice, I offer a free phone consultation to all of my new clients. If after our phone consultation you feel that it isn’t right for you, I am happy to provide some referrals that might better meet your personality.


Karen M. Corbo, SLP-CCC, MS Commutation Disorders, MS TESOL

Over the years I have gained extensive experience working as an elementary school Speech and Language Pathologist as well as an ESL teacher. As I speech language pathologist, I have expertise teaching reading, language skills and pronunciation. I hold a Master’s degrees in ESL from Hunter College and as well as a Master’s in Communication Disorders from Western Kentucky University. Additionally, I have a Bachelor’s degree in literature from SUNY Purchase. In addition to the pediatric population, I have experience working with adults who have issues with speech and language, secondary to brain injury or natural aging/dementia.

As a trained SLP with training in the Orton Gillingham Approach to reading, as well as Orton Gilingham based programs (Wilson and Fundations), I am a highly effective reading instructor, as I have In depth knowledge of how speech sound systems are acquired, and phonemic awareness (awareness of sounds), coupled with effective strategies for learning how to read and write. Speech and language skills (inc. phonemic awareness) have been deemed the most important precursors to learning how to read successfully. Therefore, I can identify which underlying skills someone lacks and identify and address the reading issues at the core of the problem. Often reading difficulties and speech/language issues are both present. In these cases especially, I can easily incorporate speech and language therapy into reading instruction.

Lastly,  I specialize in treating the pediatric population for language delays, articulation disorders, and strategies to for handling reading difficulties. Moreover, I have significant experience teaching pragmatic skills necessary for children on the autism spectrum. In addition, I have gained experience and recently attended training in treating fluency disorders (stuttering and cluttering).

My ultimate goal is always to work with the client and their families towards the most effective and functional communication possible. I like to create activities that focus on practicing speech and language skills in a natural setting. I find that his helps my clients to be able to use the skills that they have leaned in speech therapy more effectively in everyday life. As a speech language pathologist,I plan structured activities that peak the age appropriate interest of the client, in order to meet their speech and language and reading goals.